Our job is making footwear - but our passion is perfecting it

Oasis Society

Here for you every step of the way

Our Story

Oasis Society is a fresh voice in the footwear world that’s bringing energizing designs to the fashion landscape. It starts with an idea dreamed up on the coast of California, and finds a home on the shelves of stores like your own. With one common goal in mind: 

Make Every Step Count

Together, We Are Oasis Society

Our Partners

We prioritize working with retailers who share a similar dream of standing out in an ever-changing industry. Individuals who are passionate about their business and the products they share with their customers - we understand our products not only reflect us, they embody YOU.

the os process

Trend Research + Development

Our design team researches upcoming trends while also developing products that are uniquely ours. From the hand-picked materials, to the contour of a sole, every pair of OS shoes has undergone a meticulous design process.

Manufacturers + Overseas Partners

We work with factories who are known for their high-quality materials and advanced production lines. They are skilled in translating our vision for innovation into high quality products, allowing us to bring our retailers find-nowhere-else styles.

Customer Care + Service

Our goal is to create a positive, hassle-free experience for every OS retailer. Our team has been trained to actively listen to your needs, practice creative problem-solving, and maintain a deep understanding of our products.